Organized expropriation in Naturalia!

On September 25, we mass expropriated products in the Naturalia organic food chain, located near Buttes Chaumont in Paris.

Theft allows us to step out of the assigned, everyday and passive role in front of these shelves filled with hundreds of products we can never afford. Theft allows us to get out of it in the eyes of others, but also in our own heads. What could be more exciting than going beyond this framework, which crushes us and see shocked bourgeois faces as we go out without paying with a bag full of food. Spilliness clings to our lives a bit, often in the urgency of finding ways. And what we do together amplifies it all. If we have decided to organize together for this looting, not to expropriate each other in secret, it is because we are not equal during the exprorations. Appearance, mental stress or other characteristics are crucial in the eye of the security guards. We consider it a highly political decision to create a balance of power that is not based on individual skills.

We chose Naturalia because stealing BIO products seems like a good retaliation. All of these products, which we call “good for health and the planet,” are only accessible to certain people. It is a violation of the convention to go and take what is not intended for us. We also want to have fun and eat products that are unusual, but without wanting to promote more accessible consumption, because that is not the world we want.

Meanwhile, organic shops contribute to the gentrification of neighborhoods and always help to exclude the poor. Not to mention the working conditions in these stores with a golden image, where employees are obliged, in addition to basic work, also to convince customers with a smile about the brand’s ethics! Add to that management techniques that lead to depression, resignation, the colonial aspect of the economy, and the production of products from seized sources imported from the other side of the world, or an unimaginable amount of food thrown away each day. A hot idea for strikers in organic stores. The price of organic food is the price paid for the purchase of a clear conscience. The moralizing argument of ethical consumption is always close when it comes to organic food.

We recommend organizing expropriation and handing over goods in favor of political events that are close to us, redistributing or keeping everything to yourself for whatever reason imaginable. And because every retail chain is a potential target, even though it would be possible to shop there cheaply, and because we share the motivation to negate private ownership, we support the attacks on Athens in July (1) and in September (2) by Tera incognita squat support. in Thessaloniki. We also support resisting the crackdown on Liebig 34 in Berlin, « des vitrines coûteuses. Rien que des miettes dans leur bilan, jusqu’à ce que ce genre d’action soit réalisée fréquemment »

We are also thinking of those people who went to prison for the expropriation of breads in the Czech Republic and we share the call of the Magpie project (3) for mass expropriation. Because expropriations are suppressed everywhere, whether they concern individuals, they are spontaneous during riots or organized in this way. “We will not pay for what has been stolen from us.” The class war is raging, and we know very well which side we are on.

Expropriate, expropriate, expropriate!


Paris: Pillage organisé au Naturalia !

Indymedia Nantes / jeudi 22 octobre 2020

Dans la journée du 25 Septembre, nous avons volé en masse et tout.e.s ensemble un Naturalia, chaîne de magasin Bio, situé près des Buttes Chaumont à Paris.

Pillage organisé au Naturalia !

Dans la journée du 25 Septembre, nous avons volé en masse et tout.e.s ensemble le Naturalia, chaîne de magasin Bio, situé près des Buttes Chaumont à Paris.

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Expropriation and attack

I support The Maggpie project. Department stores are warehouses where I go to take the things I need. I don’t use money. I took these things for free last week: Food, coffee, clothing, rechargeable batteries, shaving machines, headlamps, tools, colors for graffiti and coffee pot.

The night after I sent anger against the symbol of the capitalist dictatorship. I damaged ATM. This is solidarity greeting to Claudio Lavazza, Lukáš Kalina, Lisa Dorfer, Václav Šupka, Juan Aliste, Kostas Sakkas, Marcelo Villarroel… I want to send greetings to everyone who was expropriated and are now in prison.



Expropriation and attack

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Free printing of posters and pamphlets

A pile of colorful A3 posters plus seventy anarchist pamphlets were printed in a commercial printing shop. A simple trick was to get it without paying. The capitalists lost their profits. Anarchists got what they needed. This is a small contribution to the Magpie project. It is also a practical solidarity with imprisoned anarchists.

We will not pay for what has been stolen from us

Lukáš Kalina, Zdeněk Vítek, Lubomír Sogel, Tomáš Tichánek, Václav Šupka and many others. They all took goods in the shops without payment, and the courts imposed severe penalties on them.

This perverse practice cannot go unanswered. That is why the MAGPIE PROJECT starts. Other goods will disappear from stores and the capitalists will not get money for it. People will use expropriated goods to meet their needs. We will explain why this is happening. We will encourage others to participate as well.

It is not a crime to take goods from the capitalists without paying. They themselves act criminally when they accumulate commodities by exploiting employees. They let them work hard, but they give them only a small part of what they have created with their work. They capture the rest and invest in the next cycle of exploitation. This is theft! This is a crime! Remove the stolen values ​​from these thieves is not a thievery. Contrary to the preachers of Christian-bourgeois morality, we argue that expropriation is a legitimate form of reaction to a world where the path to one’s wealth is paved with the poverty of the other.

Judges and guards imprison human beings. The hypocrites are mumbling about the theft, but they are stealing people’s lives and destroying interpersonal relationships.

Capitalists throw away tons of food and other things every day and do everything they can to prevent people from getting them without paying.

They are unlucky because, even if some are punished, many disobedient people will continue to expropriate. Many of these will never be caught. And if so, they won’t curb them anyway. From the malls it is possible to move to greater goals: to the banks, accounts, settlements and equipment of the bourgeoisie. Just do it!

The MAGPIE PROJECT needs another accomplice. Get involved! Send your stories, videos, photos to publish. Don’t forget safety and don’t get caught!