Expropriation and attack

I support The Maggpie project. Department stores are warehouses where I go to take the things I need. I don’t use money. I took these things for free last week: Food, coffee, clothing, rechargeable batteries, shaving machines, headlamps, tools, colors for graffiti and coffee pot.

The night after I sent anger against the symbol of the capitalist dictatorship. I damaged ATM. This is solidarity greeting to Claudio Lavazza, Lukáš Kalina, Lisa Dorfer, Václav Šupka, Juan Aliste, Kostas Sakkas, Marcelo Villarroel… I want to send greetings to everyone who was expropriated and are now in prison.



Expropriation and attack

Video for download https://upload.disroot.org/r/CzGdaXfn#0uVbSKqyMkPiZcx6wdACkQp4inhZtUHjMJbQPYYv//s=

Free printing of posters and pamphlets

A pile of colorful A3 posters plus seventy anarchist pamphlets were printed in a commercial printing shop. A simple trick was to get it without paying. The capitalists lost their profits. Anarchists got what they needed. This is a small contribution to the Magpie project. It is also a practical solidarity with imprisoned anarchists.