• Santiago, Chile: Solidarity is the Virus that Capitalism Fears

A day of robberies in big chain stores to distribute to homeless people. Audio-visual material recorded in the streets of Santiago, $hile in times of quarantine and militarized curfew under the pretext of the Covid-19 virus.

Background music: Golpebalabeso/Niña Debacle/Paniko. Recorded in Chauri Chaura Studio.

All sanitary measures were taken to avoid harming the street people in terms of hygiene and viruses, but the use of white overalls is a gesture of rebellion and action against the power here in the territory governed by the $hilean state. Many high school students resist and attack the police in their jails-schools while wearing these clothes that the police hate and fear. Here is a video for those who didn’t know and to give some context.

Long live the violent war against authority and power!

As long as misery exists there will be rebellion!

Prisoners of war to the streets!


  • Expropriation of Bazaar supermarket chain in Exarcheia, Athens.
We have noticed an increasing hostility towards Bazaar supermarkets in Exarcheia. We have done some research about it. Here are some of the things we discovered. Bazaar belongs to Veroukas Group, a shady business group with no website and no public contact details or financial info. Veroukas is one of the major business chains in Greece, with a 1,5 billion yearly turnover and 600 stores all over country, and at least 3 in Exarcheia. They claim to have a market capitalization of €35M. A little strange, since Bazaar alone had over €40M in 2014.
So we don’t know how much money they make. But we know HOW they make it: By exploiting their providers and workers, who make a little over minimum wage in the best cases, while the company is making millionary profits. By speculating with the prices of food, while thousands of Greek families are malnourished. By providing food to State prisons at ridiculously high prices, taking advantage of their monopoly and the lack of freedom of choice of their “customers”. We personally witnessed this in Korydallos prision. For this reason alone, they are our target.

We support this operation against Bazaar, and we consider it part of a wider resistance plan against the capitalist business model, and in general against any business who exploits their workers and collaborates with the state/banks, and therefore with the terrorist Troika. We will not allow this in Exarcheia.

It is also one of the best ways to suply ourselves without needing to be enslaved by bosses in order to feed ourselves. Besides, it’s a direct attack to the regime, and with this publication we hope you will also help us spread the attacks.

For those reasons and for many more, we expropriated food from two of their shops in Exarhia. We only took food. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no money. We hope this way we are also contributing to the effort against the gentrification of the neighborhood.

You may contact Bazaar’s headquarters:
8 Peiraios
Moschato, 18346
Phone: 21048275
Fax: 21048103
We are cleaning the neighborhood. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In solidarity,

Anti-Capitalist Action Brigade


  • Mexico : Expropriations

According to the official press, in late March 2020, various groups organized themselves to loot shops and supermarkets. Food, tobacco, booze, clothing, electrical and electronic appliances.

Shops such as Elektra, Coppel, Chedraui, Walmart and Bodega Aurrera were attacked. 23 expropriations were reported, 42 files opened and 50 people arrested. This only in the Valle of Mexico. In addition, there was an expropriation at the Chedraui in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán (Oaxaca) where 6 people were arrested.
Guards in Quintana Roo, Yucatán, Puebla, Guanajuato and Hidalgo said they found dozens people and groups in social networks, promoting thefts and looting and inciting disorder.

In all instances these groups were organized through facebook accounts and because of this the authorities were able to intercept many of them. Still according to the press, in Ecatepec, Mexico City, at least seven people with masks and caps stormed the pawnbroker’s “Efectimundo” looting it. After the attack, the perpetrators run off in different directions and no arrest was reported.

It is alleged that almost at the same time in a Coppel store in the Impulsora neighbourhood, Nezahualcóyotl, a youth was arrested on suspicion of photographing goods. It is alleged that a whatsapp group called “codiv-19 plunder” was found in his phone, where messages could be read from people getting organized to loot shops.


  • Expropriation of supermarket,Thessaloniki – Greece

In recent years, we have seen each day increasingly dominated by extreme poverty and exploitation. Through our inability to meet our needs, it becomes an obvious conclusion: that our life is not determined by us but by others on the basis of market conditions and profit for the bosses, local and foreign. In recent years, we have seen that the system has unleashed an all-out assault to protect its interests. The police have become the military occupation of cities. Fear and terror, the main media propaganda. Under a regime of permanent threat, the bosses invite us to compromise and apathy or manufactured decisions or more insidious methods that give the illusion of choice, such as the referendum.

Beyond the dilemmas of power, to overcome inertia and fear.
To not delegate the solution of our problems to those who created them.
The oppressed must take our lives in our hands. Faced with the dilemma: Memorandum of lenders or Memorandum of SYRIZA respond with self-organization and rupture, from both foreign and local bosses and their armies.

Against the legality of the exploiters that keeps us slaves, to respond with direct action of the oppressed and collective self-organization of life and struggle. Refusal of obedience to the dictates of the bosses
Refusal of payments (tickets, accounts, bank debt, taxes)
Creation of collective structures to cover our needs (squats, collective kitchens) Solidarity between the oppressed building communities
Get back from the bosses everything we produced with sweat and blood Expropriation of accumulated wealth Reinforcement of our communities to organize self-defense and attack our oppressors
Saturday 11/7 comrades proceeded to the expropriation of the “VENUS” supermarket in the March area, on the eastern side of Thessaloniki. Products were expropriated especially basic necessities (oil, pasta, legumes, etc.) and shared out at an adjacent street market with the positive response of the people taking the products and welcoming the move.


  • Supermarket expropriations continue in Athens

Two more supermarket expropriations were carried out on November 19th in separate Athens neighbourhoods. At around 6 pm, a group of people expropriated staple foods from a supermarket on Soultani Street in Exarchia. Earlier in the morning, another group of comrades had expropriated a supermarket in Galatsi, sharing out the expropriated goods among people gathered at a nearby open-air market. As stated in the communiqué distributed during the Galatsi direct action: ‘Bankruptcy isn’t just an image on TV. Consciences are born through attacks on the bosses. Expropriation now!

On Saturday, November 26th, a group of comrades expropriated a branch of Sklavenitis supermarket chain, located on Charilaou Trikoupi Street in Exarchia. Flyers thrown during the action, read: ‘Their wealth is our blood’ and ‘Expropriation of the Capital everywhere’.

Anarchists expropriated staple foods and then shared out the goods among passers-by and other people gathered at the open-air market in Kallidromiou Street. Most of the people reacted positively to this action and took products from the baskets.

The only negative reaction was the one of a supermarket employee who was screaming as the comrades were leaving, ‘This is a disgrace!’ The comrades notice in their communiqué that he and each employee should know that only capitalists and bosses should be ashamed because they get more and more rich by living their ‘dream’ against people who live daily the nightmare of exploitation of man by man.

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  • Palermo, Italy – Widespread expropriation, a call to revolt

About twenty people tried to expropriate a lidl supermarket yesterday in Palermo, attempting to leave with their trolleys. The chain employees, good servants of the company that they are, promptly called the cops to prevent a handful of goods from getting out unpaid for. All the same, it seems that the practice of expropriation is spreading in Palermo; more and more people are claiming to leave the supermarkets without paying. Guards are being deployed outside some shopping centres in an attempt to contain the practice. Meanwhile groups calling for revolt are appearing on social media.

Will the State manage to contain the brooding anger?

Will lidl be saved?


  • Expropriation of A.B. VAsilopoulos super-market in Kesariani-Solidarity action for immigrants-refugees.- Athens – Greece
Expropriation of A.B. VAsilopoulos super-market in Kesariani-Solidarity action for immigrants-refugees.

In the afternoon of Thursday 12/11, the day of the general strike, we
took a stroll by A.B. Vasillopoulos in Kesariani. with our faces covered
and fortified, we entered the Super Market and took loads of essential
goods and not, and left undisturbed.

We took that is, something minimum from the wealth which we produce
ourselves on a daily basis. in a period where the field is slowly
clearing, and it is now blatant that hope did not come, the government
of Syriza with its policies condones the drowning of hundreds of
immigrants and refugees and piles them up in miserable detention
centers-prisons full of deficiencies.

Hope for us is born through the struggles of the oppressed.




The products will be given out to refugees. We call every solidarian, every fighting subject should appropriate this action as another solidarity move for immigrants.